I kindly ask that you familiarize yourself with my entire website prior to making initial contact as well as the day of our date as a refresher. 


I do not take last minute appointments;  I require screening before I see you and references typically do not respond right away.  


I require employment or business verification . Safety is my utmost priority and I will not see gentlemen who cannot comply with my screening standards.


Please have my gift prepared in an unsealed envelope promptly, but discretely placed out in clear view, without verbal exchange. It is highly preferred that if our meeting takes place in a public space, the envelope is placed in a discreet card, in a manner that it is still visible. Large bills preferred.


I spend a lot of time and effort preparing for our date together; humbly return the favor and please be a clean, well groomed and pleasant smelling man. For your convenience, there are facilities, fresh towels, and toiletries available for you at my place.


I am reference friendly and happy to provide you with one, provided we have spent time together in the past year. I promise that I am not the jealous type. Please give me the courtesy of sending me an email, notifying me when you intend to list me as your reference, so that I may keep an eye on my email. If we have not seen each other in the last 12 months, it would be best for you to use a more recent contact.


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